Marco Simoni: Blog en-us (C) Marco Simoni (Marco Simoni) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Marco Simoni: Blog 100 120 Great Barrier Reef is losing it’s Coral According to Singularity Blog the reef has lost half it’s coral over the last 27 years!  Some of it is due to warming but also hurtful is the Crown of thorns starfish.  When we were in the Drawaqa Island area we did what everyone does there – see the Mantarays!  While our friend Chris was snorkeling he made some great underwater photos that day and discovered a Crown of thorns that he was able to dislodge and our boatman Bette made quick work of.  We hope that Fiji doesn’t lose its valuable coral!

Crown of thorns

Crown of thorns on boat

Crown of thorns on boat under side




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Yasawa Island children love to smile for the camera Here are a few more images from the village on Nacula – those kids love to smile and love the woman’s attire!!

Fiji Village boy in doorway

Fiji Village boys in doorway to the Bure

Fiji woman smiling

Fiji woman smiling

Fiji Villager in traditional red sulu




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Bula! School Children from Nacula Village While staying at the Oarsman Lodge on Nacula we had an opportunity to visit the nearby village and see the children at their school. Here are some favorite shots from that outing.  Just love those smiles!

Asking a question_GN_2456

Inquisitive students

Fun at school

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More Happy Fijians When we were on Nacula we had the opportunity to visit the nearby village and once again the natural beauty of the people came out almost immediately.

Here is a triptych of village kids that show their warmth and easy expressions and a wonder shot of a little girl all dressed up listening intently to her father.

Fun on Nacula Island


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Fiji’s best asset – the people! The Yasawa Islands are full of beautiful beaches and wonderful scenery but the best part of the islands are the people.
They are always smiling, very happy and quite content in their paradise. They are very family oriented, here is a photo of a baby being cared for by his mother and her mother.

3 generations

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The Awesome waters of Fiji

The Blue Lagoon

Here is an overview of the upper Yasawa Islands from near the top of Nacula – what a view.

The snorkeling is very good, plenty to see and very calm water.

The resort below is the new Blue Lagoon resort.  Highly recommended!

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Fiji! Start of Holiday with some photography mixed in…

Greetings from Fiji

After spending 2 weeks with Clay Chapman  and his lovely wife Renee in San Diego, we have finally arrived for a 2 week holiday in Fiji.  What a showcase for beach photography; lovely sand, azure water and plenty of subjects both native and tourists – I hope to get some good shots!

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This one made the LA Times  

Buckingham Palace guards

Here is the link the LA Times page:,0,

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The London Trip is starting to pay off, this photo was purchased for print use during the Olympics!  

Union Jack Umbrella entering the tubes


Umbrella in Picadilly

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The Painted Ladies – Great Victorian Architecture Wondrous day in the Bay Area, great shot of the Painted Ladies with the city in the background. Love this place!

Painted Ladies and San Francisco skyline from Alamo Square, San Francisco, California, USAIMG_6531

Painted Ladies and San Francisco skyline from Alamo Square, San Francisco, California, USA

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